Financing for Ontario Government Vendors

The province of Ontario purchases approximately six billion dollars of products and services every year from over 55,000 vendors. Many of these companies are small and medium-sized businesses. Doing business with the government of Ontario can be a great opportunity for small and growing companies. It is a large and diverse marketplace where government agencies, ministries and municipalities purchase […]

Government Vendor Financing Alternatives

Government ministries and agencies in Canada purchase most types of products and services that are available in the marketplace. This can provide a great business opportunity for companies that choose to do business with the federal, provincial or municipal governments. Government organizations can be great clients if you know how to work with them. They buy regularly, […]

How Does Inventory Financing Work?

Inventory financing is a type of asset based lending that allows your company to leverage existing inventory. It can provide your company with funds to purchase additional inventory or handle corporate expenses. From this article, you will learn: How inventory financing works What type of due diligence is required to set up a line Advantages and disadvantages of this […]

Inventory Financing vs. Purchase Order Financing

Both purchase order (PO) financing and inventory financing can be used to finance certain types inventory. However, both solutions work very differently and serve very different business objectives. From this article you will learn: What purchase order financing is What inventory financing is The main differences between these solutions How to determine which solution is right for […]

Can Asset Based Lending Finance a Small Business?

Asset based lending has been growing in popularity as a way to finance small and mid-sized companies. Asset based loans are easier to get than commercial lines of credit and provide more flexibility. Initially, asset based loans were offered only to mid-sized companies – those with at least 50 million dollars (CAD) in yearly turnover. However, some asset based […]

Best Trucking Forums In Canada

One of the best resources for new and growing trucking companies are online trucking forums. Most of these forums have seasoned truckers that participate in daily discussions and are willing to help fellow drivers. If you are interested in becoming a successful owner operator, you should consider participating in these forums. The best trucking forums are: […]

What is Asset Based Lending?

Asset based lending is a form of financing that allows a business to leverage existing company assets. The line can provide your company with funding to pay for operating expenses, handle an acquisition or make new investments. Most asset based loans are structured to operate like either a line of credit or a term loan. The […]

How to Offer Early Payment Discounts – 2% / 10 Net 30

One of the problems of allowing clients to pay invoices in 30 to 60 days is that it can lead to cash flow problems. A small business can’t always afford to wait a month or two for a client payment. The business needs to get paid sooner in order pay for its own expenses. However, clients like the option […]

How to Find Loads for Truckers in Canada

Finding profitable truck loads is the most important thing that an owner-operator can do to be successful. Without shippers, you don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that. However, this area is the one where most owner-operators and small fleet operators fail. And without clients, they go out of business. (Note: Commercial Capital LLC doesn’t provide […]

Types of Factoring Financing – Recourse and Non-Recourse

In general, Canadian factoring companies offer two different types of factoring: recourse and non-recourse factoring. This article helps you understand how each of these programs work. How does factoring work? Most commercial sales are done on net-30 to net-60 day terms. However, many small businesses cannot afford to wait that long for payment. Instead, they need […]